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Your books and classes on your screen

An education management platform for schools, teachers and students

We have drawn on our years of experience with Quebec teachers and school administrators to design the Groupe Guérin platform. This tool allows you to access our digital books and answer keys. The platform makes it easy for students to do their homework online and offers teachers a detailed follow-up of the homework done by each student in their group.

Administration and Education Services Centre

  • Consultation of the list of purchases and number of licences available for each title
  • Creation and consultation of the list of teaching staff in a particular school
  • Distribution of book licences to a teacher
  • Automated email to teachers, inviting them to log on to the platform


  • Creation of personalized virtual classes
  • Assignment of book licences to a virtual class
  • Automated email to class students, inviting them to activate their licence on the platform
  • Assignment and simplified follow-up of homework online
  • Correction of homework using flexible online annotation tools
  • Live chat with the students of a virtual class, as a group or privately


  • Creation of an account and quick and simple activation of a book
  • Reading and completion of homework and work online
  • Access to the virtual class to live chat with the teacher
  • Consultation of the teacher’s comments and follow-up of the results and work

Read and do your work online

Groupe Guérin offers you an online homework management interface where you can write and make corrections directly on documents.

Read and do your work online

Groupe Guérin offers you an online homework management interface where you can writee and make corrections directly on documents.


Virtual class

We are evolving with your pedagogical needs: chat live with your class thanks to the integrated discussion panel.

Customized bookstore

Using our global platform, access the most popular collections from our publishers, all under the same banner to manage digital pedagogical material more easily.